About Us

Film Directors Guild of Ghana (FDGG)

Film Directors Guild of Ghana (FDGG) is an association that represents the interest of film directors, television directors, television commercials directors, music video directors and all professions within the directorial department of motion picture or audiovisual works in Ghana, i.e. the film industry. FDGG ensures that directors retain control of their works, protect film directors from bad practices of the directing craft, protect and enhance the creative, economic and contractual rights of film directors in Ghana.

FDGG speaks on behalf of professional film directors in Ghana on issues of major importance in the creation and promotion of audiovisual works in the country and beyond. The film director is the creative decision maker in the process of artistic collaboration and takes responsibility of the aesthetic cohesion and artistic integrity of the cinematographic works. FDGG is committed to safeguard the directing craft, artistry craft, and the creative and economic rights of the film director as essential component to the diversity of audiovisual culture in Ghana, Africa and beyond.